He won the race the judges concluded

He was the better man he had the will to win

A hesitation a one time show or place       

His self would not allow he had to be the best


He had denied his urges cause they would of   

drained his strength that battle had been one 

with side effects a few                       

He may have dropped the world                 

He could not have let us down                 

Dana has gone away                            

I hope she's in a better place                


She aced the test a grade above the rest      

of the class the class felt the curve a 93%   

was not enough to feed her fix                

She needs that perfect score                  

The endorphin rush she loved                  

It would opiate her                           


She had denied all allgations of her loneliness

That battle had been won with scars still under wraps

She may have dropped the world                       

She would not let us down                            

Endorphin rush she loved                             

She may have dropped the world