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Far-far away, in a galaxy not too far from this, 
a guy named Mike, Fat Mike - played his bassguitar 
in a punkrock-band called "Me first and the Gimme 
Gimmes". After a few years in the band, he figured 
out that he had a mission - a task to complete on 
earth - NOFX. So, in 1983 in L.A. he got together 
with two of his friends - Erik Melvin and Erik Ghint, 
and they started a band. What they, at that time, 
didn't know, was that what they'd started was to 
become a worldwide mass-hysteria simply called 

After a while, the three-guy-band became a four- 
guy-band when Izzy Stradlin' (Al Bino) joined in. 
They recorded a bunch songs for a guy named Doug 
Moody at the local label "Mystic Records", but 
he ripped the guys off - so the band left... 
The songs recorded at Mystic Records eventually 
became the album "Maximum Rock'n Roll" and 
is an album filled with old-school garage punkrock. 

In 1986, the guys in NOFX decided to make an 
album on their own, and they ended up with 
"Liberal Animation". The album was probably not 
as good as they thought it would be - and they 
didn't make a dime out of it...The producer of the 
album, Brett Gurewitz, got the idea of makin' his 
own record-company, and ended up with Epitaph 
Records. NOFX was asked to sign and they went 
straight into the studio to make their second "real" 
album called "S&M Airlines". It was released in 
1989 and is a great album with lotsa great songs 
on it. 

After a few years of touring around, playin' at 
lousy bars and places like that, they recorded 
the album "Ribbed" (´90), which probably is one of the 
best punk-albums ever recorded. The album has 
no bad songs and it sounds a little bit different from 
the previous releases. After the album was released, 
NOFX got rid of Izzy and got a new guy, El Hefe. 
And with El Hefe came the trumpet, which turned 
out to be very useful in the following releases for 
the band. In 1992, two albums were released. The 
first one is called "The longest line" and is more 
like and E.P. than an album. It's a great record and 
it should be in the hands of every true punk-rocker 
on earth. 

Fat Mike felt frustrated behind his bassguitar and 
decided to start his own label. He ended up with 
"Fat Wreck Chords" but didn't feel like havin' his 
own band on his own label and NOFX kept on 
puttin' albums out on Epitaph. The next album in 
the line is "White trash, two heebs and a bean" 
and is in my opinion the best album NOFX has 
ever made. The title of the album pretty well 
describes the member of the band... 

The following tour turned out very well and in 1994, 
NOFX went into the studio to record the major 
success of the band - "Punk in Drublic". The album 
was a real knock-out on all kindsa charts and NOFX 
went on tour all over the world. This album made 
the band elite in the punkrock world. When the album 
was released and a year past by, Mike and the guys 
realized that the only live-recordings with the band 
available was shitty bootlegs, and they decided to 
make a high-quality live-album. And so they did - 
"I heard they suck live!" became the name of it, and 
the title doesn't say shit about the album - cuz' it 
proves that NOFX is one of the worlds best bands 
live and no one can argue about that... 

Another year past by and the the next album was 
released in 1996 - "Heavy Petting Zoo". The album 
itself is not as good as the two previous albums, but 
it hit the charts harder than them. The cover of the album was found offensive in lotsa stores, and some stores in france even had to shut down the bussiness after they'd had posters of the album in the windows ...sick ha ? 

Well, here we are, it's 1998 and the last album 
released in Europe by NOFX is "So long, and 
thanks for all the shoes", which was released in 
October 1997( Nov´97 in the states ). It's a great  
album with more of the old punkrock-spirit 
that the band kinda left on "Heavy Petting Zoo"... 

Now, after reading this shit above, you probably 
realize that NOFX is a punkrock band worth some time to listen to. The fact that NOFX are so big is kinda 
mysterious since you can't hardly see them on MTV 
or hear'em at the radio. They don't commercialize 
their albums but somehow the manage so succeed anyway !? Isn't that admirable ? Offcourse, it's not 
the band itself that makes the success, it's me and you and all the other punk-rockers out keep on skankin' !