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A little something about ...

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Yep, this part of my site is totally dedicated to me and my punkband; NIPPLE

In that group I play the guitar and, Bram Liefooghe "sings", Yves Coudron plays the guitar and Simon Dejonckheere plays the drums. Our band is just started but we've got a gig on the "Henk&Johan festival" on 30 octocbre in Ypres. ALL PUNKERS BE THERE

As you probably have already noticed I love NOFX. That isn't cause they're are so doped, stupid or anything else. That's just because they're the only punkband that has been able to resist the pressure of being famous. Just look at MXPX, they've changed their entire style cause they're famous and they've become much softer than they used to be. No' that hasn't happened to NOFX and that's one of the reasons why I like, no love, them so much.

Pics of NIPPLE