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These are all the tabs I've got from NOFX. You'll notice that there are sometimes more tabs with a song, don't worry, it isn't so big that couldn't do it in one time. It's just so that I've some different tabs for the same songs. You don't have to be afraid, they all sound right, I've tested them all myself.


1.All outta angst [lyrics]

2.Champs Elysées 1_ 2_ [lyrics]

3.It's my job to keep punk rock elite [lyrics]

4.Falling in love [lyrics]

5.Food, sex and ewe [lyrics]

6.Green corn 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ [lyrics]

7.I'm telling Tim 1_ 2_ [lyrics]

8.Just the flu [lyrics]

9.The Malachi crunch [lyrics]

10.Monosylabic girl 1_ 2_ [lyrics]

11.The Moron brothers [lyrics]

12.Murder the government 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ [lyrics]

13.New boobs 1_ 2_ [lyrics]

14.Nowhere [lyrics]

15.All his suits are torn [lyrics]

16.Where's my slice? [lyrics]


other lyrics

other tabs

There are much more tabs coming but learn to play these first and come back later.

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